Mindsets Resetting Mode Activation Using Mikano As A Case study By Abiola Olajide

Didn’t even realize that MIKANO has fully diversified into construction, steel, food, medical and automobile businesses.

In being an entrepreneur in Nigeria, those I observe the most are Lebanese, Syrians, Turkish, Chinese and Indians. Those guys are very resilient and diligent. They hardly put on the arrival mentality. They are hands on.

Several years ago, I realized that Alibert furniture was the company that furnished Sheraron Abuja about 4 decades ago. I am sure, rather than remain obsessed with pursuing contracts or B2B, they expanded to focus on B2C.

There are numerous indigenously owned contractors who had gotten much bigger contracts but rather than reinvest in expanding or really establishing the business, they spend the large chunk on material acquisition.

There is one young and enterprising furniture maker I had expected to retool his business after a major windfall from a project. Tools he didn’t have and would make him more productive and earn in more margins. I was surprised he went to buy land in a very remote place and an expensive car. Retooling his business is the priority, not what he spent on.

When people say Nigerians don’t have the capital, I always disagree. NIGERIANS do. There are many Nigerians with huge millions and billions sitting idly in accounts. Millions and Billions legitimately and illegitimately acquired. Some of the foreigners establishing sustainable businesses here definitely wouldn’t have acquired the monies illegitimately but they know how to put it to sustainable use.

There are so many reasons we cannot build sustainably here. We don’t like process. We want to put pleasure before work. We want to create wealth without creating value. We love titles without responsibility. We seem to arrive too early. We are content with ONE HIT WONDER kind of progress or success.

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